happy december!

I'm a (the first) sponsored rider at now because of my crazy fucking legs.

We'll see where it goes from there, but I need a new pair of bib shorts pretty bad right about now (mine are pretty much worn out). :(

I also bought a new snowboard. I found on my jacket the last time i went was in march 2006. I gotta fix that. :(

Christmas Party wish list

Christmas wishlist:

Keirin Multitool
Euro Asia Imports Multi Tote
Zipp Wheel Bag
A good riding jacket for this coming january
More bib shorts
A nice warm, slim M65 knockoff that I can wear all street-style.
a crombie
Some nice trousers
a new pair of jeans
Fred Perry Polos/Shirts/Sweaters/whatever
A trip to Japan or England
some lenses for my camera
a nice akai or novation midi controller
Money for my new computer
something from Jump The Gun
a new pair of chelsea boots.
some deep section Zipp wheels for my bike
A car race season
Design books (various)
Nice slim dress shirts
a double breasted suit from
A trip to hawaii with my surf board. I can do this solo thx.
Meeting Chris Hoy gift certificates

More options as I think of it.

I did it!

Busy busy days these days....

Cleaned everything, mopped, laundry, need to head out to the gym soon, going out for dinner, partying, etc.

My poor crotch is causing me much distress as I do not want to irritate it anymore than it already is.

If I push myself on road season next year, I have more than a chance to upgrade very quickly.

I like my disc wheel a lot.

Got a haircut yesterday. It was fun.

Dogs Bollocks.

I got my suit, dropped it off with my tailor, (Jack still remembered my name!!), and I joined Boston Sports Club.

I got my invitation to the company party but I'm really hoping that I'm going to have some other job by then....


I'm still waiting on my fucking headphones from kippy so I can really start mixing. :mad face:


I wish I could say I'm doing more. I sat with my programs open and all I could do was sketch some half assed giant robots. :(


Me vs. Zack in the Semi Finals. I was pretty winded coming out of this race.

Me vs. Matt in the Finals. Easy in, easy out.

Me vs. Cyclecross pro. I was warped at this point and I lose my hat.

Once again with the ill behavior

I won boldsprints AGAIN on sunday!

Yeah, I said AGAIN.

Here are the race results:

17 2 Tristan 46.20 Croth 48.78
18 2 Zack 47.06 Joshua 48.55
19 2 Ian 46.12 Matthew 46.02
20 2 Gary 47.21 Erik 46.02
21 2 Tristan 44.80 Zack 44.99
22 2 Matthew 44.99 Tall Erik 47.34
23 2 Matthew 45.71 Tristan 44.28
24 2 Jazzy 52.56 Tristan 45.14 <- is jazzy. A professional crit/cyclocross racer.

I qualified with a 46.08.

Videos will be posted shortly.

I wasn't feeling well from halloween all weekend, having drunk a shitload and woke up too early, and I went to bed on saturday feeling horrible. Almost didn't go to boldsprints, but I went anyways.

Here's me going up against gary:

Other than feeling nervous/jittery as shit as usual, I had an awesome time, even though I busted my ass and the machine broke when I went against Zack after 30 seconds, and we had to make a do-over, which is why I was slower.

I got a set of handlebars, some gloves, a bunch of lights, a really nice multi tool, and some other junk. But my night wasn't over yet as they conned the local pro Jazzy into racing. I was considered the "best shot" against him, so everyone started donating dollars/etc and got the pot up to 42 USD.

Needless to say, I crushed him, even though I felt more pain and exhaustion than ever before. Everyone was quite impressed with me after that one, including myself. I sort of went "Fuck yeah!" and collapsed out holding my cash.

Overall, a nice way to work a sunday.

another 60 miles

Was sick-ish yesterday.

Need to work on my spin some more.


My jump the gun suit should be shipped/shipping soon... Ooh boy I feel all tingly inside.

Hooray for me

I won bold sprints last night, got 20 bucks and a hat! A BOSTON HAT!!!! My top time was 44.35 seconds in the final round which comes out to averaging 33 miles per hour on the rollers with resistance. That would've put me in the top tiers at the previous last events, but it was good enough to win last night. Yeah, I'm getting there....

Here are some pictures:

Warming up on the rollers.

Final round, no shirt for optimum sexxxy and optimum heat transfer. I was pretty fucking tired at this point.

Warm up on the aero positioning.

Yay me! I think this is the first "real" thing on my bike I've ever won.


I kinda really hate being unappreciated at my office. It's like "Hey guys, just completely busted my ass, completely rewrote the entire message board system for security purposes on my lonesome without having to deal with anyone else and you don't even give a shit."

Them: "Hey great, can you move this vacuum into the car?"

Me: *buries head into a wall*

Other than that, I've been busting my ass at the gym, on the trainer, and on the road. 60 miles on monday, 40 on saturday, trainer riding (close to) every morning, eating well, not going out to eat much at all anymore, been swimming, just trying to get myself the best I can be for further engagements.

Need to work on my sprint a lot more, but that comes in time.

tra la la la la

One of these days, I'm just going be like, "Wow, what the fuck was I thinking being there so long!"

Unfortunately, I don't think it's ever going to come.

ow my head

last night was p nuts and i of course split my head open after jumping down the stairs and hitting my head on the corner of the ceiling and ow ow ow bleeding everywhere.

If you didn't come out, I'm kinda sad for you both because it was awesome, and I am going to have more of them later.

The main reason why I stopped wearing Illig.


This x 10000.

*barfs everywhere*

I got cyclecross tires and a new little 38 tooth chainring. I put my eggbeaters back on my CRB and it's slowly becoming a race bike instead of a commuter and my track pro is looking more and more like a commuter bike. Oh my gosh what have I done. :(

I went to Ikea, had a near meltdown, and have all my stuff in boxes and such still. Need to assemble. :(

Uhhh, what else... Ummm... I have a cable running through the apartment.

Dan finally picked up my Fred Perry v neck sweater. It's going to look so good with the black and white FP gingham shirt. Merino wool <3

too busy for anything else these days. I have 3 days off coming up and I'm going to ride the shit out of Bonbon. I can't wait.

I want.

A new hair cut.
A disc wheel.
furniture for my room
shelves. Lots of shelving.
Paint for my room.
Cyclocross tires.

I'm in Central now. WHEE.

I've just been so busy these days, and exploding from all the time etc.


I spent pretty much all of saturday playing civilization 3 (civ 4 no workie on my antique G4 power book).

oh god i'm a fucking nerd on top of it all still ffffffffffffffffffffffffuck.

Well fuck.

So on Monday night, I was sitting around in the living room of my future apartment, and I am typing away on aim or something, and Rachel calls Dan in and proceeds to flip the fuck out, giving me 24 hours to vacate the premises because she's already paying rent and blah blah blah and can't watch project runway with me in there on Dan's TV, and how unfair for everyone that it was that I was sleeping on the couch.

I don't even flip out and just get a couple of highlife's at Charlie's Beer Garden. This is not how I wanted to start my tenure at the apartment. Tuesday I had off, so I make a few panic calls around, but no one really can house me for two weeks, which is fair, given the extreme short notice that I've given, and so on and so forth. I end up writing my big BOSS an email, and a short time later, I get one back that says "We have a solution. Call Corrine." I do so, expecting to stay at the place on Follen St.

I find out that I have a room in the Residence Inn of the Marriott, right in the middle of Kendall Square! Holy fucking shit! This is a private suite that has a fridge, couch, tv, kitchen table, pool, spa, etc etc..... I totally need to have a ripper here before I'm out.

Last night when I was getting some more of my stuff, Rachel comes up to me and goes "SORRY FOR FLIPPING OUT!" me: "YEAH IT HAPPENS! *goes back to ignoring her*"

It's just too much. Too much!

I'm going to be joining the BSC in central once I move in. 34 bucks per month ain't too bad.



I am done and out of 137 Saint Alphonsus.

Now back on the couch for two weeks. Let's see how Tristan does, shall we? BACK IN CENTRAL WEEEEEEE!

New mews

FAT TONY Here I come.

I moved most of my clothes (dress shirts, t-shirts, pants), rest of my synth stuff, shut down Yuffie and hauled her over with my KRKs, Monitor (GLAD I KEPT THE BOX NOW), my room is starting to look like a ghost town now. Still need to clear out all the little itty bitty shit.

TV still hasn't sold, fuck fuck fuck.

I'm so stressed out over this move that I can't even fucking function normally beyond running around and being retarded.



This, this is my life:

I moved two of my bikes, the trainer, my posters, my suits/blazers, four boxes (synth junk/shoes,booze/lavalamps/hot lamp setup, a blanket for padding, synths, stands, my canvas, etc) and that's.... about it so far.

Mostly clothes, my little tall dresser, my desk/computer crap/studio monitors, toiletries, bike spares, my bed, and tv have to remain.

It sounds like a lot but it really isn't.




From Leisuretown's description/donate page

The characters in Leisure Town have nowhere to go. They’ll never be immortalized in print or make that leap to the silver screen. They can’t compete with robust, animated entertainment available elsewhere. They lie awake each night staring at the ceiling, afraid of their dwindling bank accounts and afraid of tomorrow.

At the core of their depression is an even harsher reality. Throwing money at a problem doesn’t always fix it. They could receive millions of dollars and still not have the strength to get up off the floor and participate in the world around them. They can’t imagine anyone giving two shits about their stupid opinions, their insignifcant problems, or their life stories.

They hate themselves. They consider suicide at least once or twice a day. At no point do they ever stop wondering if there might be a kind, conscious force at work somewhere at the universe, a god or a goddess like yourself willing to bear witness to their lives.

Last weekend....

Ok, so here's how my weekend went down.

I have been seeing this great japanese girl over the past 2 weeks (i think i saw her for a total of 5 times before this weekend). She invited me to come stay at her home in Osaka over the weekend, which included staying overnight on friday and saturday. At this point I am pretty sure she's pretty interested in me. Now keep in mind I am a pathetic 23 year old virgin, so before this I'm thinking omg what if teh sex happens. However this is her mother's home so I'm thinking it's probably not really a possibility.

But anyway, at night she suggests we watch DVDs and she watches them with me in the room I am staying in. So on Friday we're both lying on my bed next to each other watching The Holiday (shitty movie by the way). I have no balls at all, and just sit there concentrating on the movie as though I have to write an essay on it. Then when it finishes I just go to sleep and she goes to sleep in her room.

The next morning I am thinking 'gee I sure do suck, I should try something next time'. But then again on Saturday we watch a DVD (rented 'jumper', not bad) and once again I am completely cold and just concentrate on watching the movie. I suck.

So I'm thinking the weekend is over and I've pretty much failed. But that's not the end. On Sunday we got a train back to Tokyo rather late, and while we're on the train she asks me if I want to stay at her apartment. I think that's got to be promising, and say sure. We get to her apartment and she asks if I want to sleep in her room or the other room. I say her room. I lay down on a matress beside hers (she sleeps on the floor) and after some cleaning up she lies down on her matress. At this point I am thinking 'welp, if you can't figure something out here kill yourself'. So of course I lay there twitching nervously and thinking 'fuck' for a few minutes, and then say I'm tired and go to sleep.

That was last night and all I can think about today is how badly I failed. I'm guessing she will be laughing to her friends at what a loser I am. Anyway, thanks for reading this story of how much I suck and will be a virgin forever. Maybe if you have some great way to help me get some balls then you could share it, although I'm not sure I can be helped at all.
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So yeah, I've been really busy. Sorry for the lack of updatezzzzzz.

I have another place now, 107 Norfolk Street, Cambridge MA, back to Central I go.

I hope to have some good timez there, I'll drink hard and party hard, etc etc....

I can't find my bank card, I hope it shows up in the next day or so.


One of the coolest songs I have ever heard, I was just talking to somebody about it today. Have you ever heard of the band Death Cab for Cutie? Their new single is one of the most kick-ass songs I have heard in a long time. It’s called ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ and it’s eight and a half minutes long, it’s so bad-ass.

-- Lance Armstrong (Mah indie hero!!!)

Shit. He won the TdF 7 times. And he wants to run for office now.

I wonder if he'd trade everything he has for his other nut back. :((






so busy can't even breathe

rode 60 HARD miles on saturday

haven't ridden hard since.

too busy






After a 40 mile brutal ride (average heartrate was around 159 (after traffic, spinning on the way home and out etc), peak at 185) in the heat, doing my usual lap, I try to get in my door and it takes a god damned chunk out of my paint job. Nevermind that I got jammed into one of those T track grooves on the road because some dipshit decided to pull all the way out.


Hot as shit today too.

Woo hoo

As of this moment now, 8:45 PM, I am now officially debt free, I owe $0.00 USD to Bank Of America.



Boris was decent. I have too many t-shirts so I didn't buy anything.

Saturday was fun fun fun in the sun sun sun with everyone and I played super spike v-ball and made a wading pool and am thoroughly burned.

Today, rode the 40 mile route, ate some hammer gel, and was amazed that I just powered through the second 20 mile range, even in the heavy headwinds. That gel shit works well. Average heart rate was around 165-170ish, which is pretty darn tootin hauling.

Watched Mind Game, its a pretty interesting flick, worth downloading.

I don't know where I'm moving to at all.



100 dollars to casablanca and it still sucked hard.

Rode a little on monday, it's too god damned humid to really ride so much. :(