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Once again with the ill behavior

I won boldsprints AGAIN on sunday!

Yeah, I said AGAIN.

Here are the race results:

17 2 Tristan 46.20 Croth 48.78
18 2 Zack 47.06 Joshua 48.55
19 2 Ian 46.12 Matthew 46.02
20 2 Gary 47.21 Erik 46.02
21 2 Tristan 44.80 Zack 44.99
22 2 Matthew 44.99 Tall Erik 47.34
23 2 Matthew 45.71 Tristan 44.28
24 2 Jazzy 52.56 Tristan 45.14 <- is jazzy. A professional crit/cyclocross racer.

I qualified with a 46.08.

Videos will be posted shortly.

I wasn't feeling well from halloween all weekend, having drunk a shitload and woke up too early, and I went to bed on saturday feeling horrible. Almost didn't go to boldsprints, but I went anyways.

Here's me going up against gary:

Other than feeling nervous/jittery as shit as usual, I had an awesome time, even though I busted my ass and the machine broke when I went against Zack after 30 seconds, and we had to make a do-over, which is why I was slower.

I got a set of handlebars, some gloves, a bunch of lights, a really nice multi tool, and some other junk. But my night wasn't over yet as they conned the local pro Jazzy into racing. I was considered the "best shot" against him, so everyone started donating dollars/etc and got the pot up to 42 USD.

Needless to say, I crushed him, even though I felt more pain and exhaustion than ever before. Everyone was quite impressed with me after that one, including myself. I sort of went "Fuck yeah!" and collapsed out holding my cash.

Overall, a nice way to work a sunday.
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