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Christmas Party wish list

Christmas wishlist:

Keirin Multitool
Euro Asia Imports Multi Tote
Zipp Wheel Bag
A good riding jacket for this coming january
More bib shorts
A nice warm, slim M65 knockoff that I can wear all street-style.
a crombie
Some nice trousers
a new pair of jeans
Fred Perry Polos/Shirts/Sweaters/whatever
A trip to Japan or England
some lenses for my camera
a nice akai or novation midi controller
Money for my new computer
something from Jump The Gun
a new pair of chelsea boots.
some deep section Zipp wheels for my bike
A car race season
Design books (various)
Nice slim dress shirts
a double breasted suit from
A trip to hawaii with my surf board. I can do this solo thx.
Meeting Chris Hoy gift certificates

More options as I think of it.
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